Branding and Graphic Consulting

Freelance Work:

The world of million-dollar branding and design packages has traditional been limited to large companies with large marketing budgets. However the last five years have seen the overhead associated with professional quality design services significantly reduced. Along with the vast advances in personal computing and software, the resources once limited to large companies are now available to small business and individual designers.  We have also seen the digital printing world advance to unprecedented levels. Not only can brand images be created and maintained on relatively inexpensive personal computers and software, the presentation of the branding elements via personal printers and digital print services rivals traditional printing techniques. The bottom line is small businesses or individuals now can present the brand image of a large company at a fraction of the cost. The one element that cannot be replaced by the advances in technology is the human skills and experience needed to execute quality design.

The negative side to this new world of design and marketing is that the ease of access to the tools needed to complete projects has greatly increased the number of projects and individuals creating them. Brands, brand image and general design can quickly suffer from large numbers of undermanaged resources. The major obstacle for anyone looking to create an advertisement, logo, commercial or complete branding package is no longer a question of how. It is a question of which options and resources to choose from.  If you need solutions and are having trouble choosing the resources necessary to support your vision, contact me.

Freelance Services

  • Brand Style Guide Creation
  • Photography, Digital Imagery and Photo Restoration
  • 3D Modeling and Virtual Prototyping
  • Website and Multimedia Design
  • Internet and Print Advertising
  • Architectural Rendering
  • Motion Graphics and Video Editing
  • Search Engine Optimization