Steven M Green


Having optimized the visibility and growth of web-based service and software development companies through outstanding management and creative design, development, and implementation expertise, I seek the opportunity to join your company as an employee or consultant. I believe that my proven ability to champion organization and product brand recognition through compelling video, graphics, and website design as well as effectively interface with clients, developers, and artists on technical issues and project priorities will make me a productive and valued member of your team.


Freelance Services


Custom presentation and proposal graphics including organizational diagrams, venn diagrams, gantt chart, 3D modeling and virtual visualization. Original digital art and photography including web site design, black and white photography, fine art photography, and stock photography. Brand image consulting including company logo design, style guide creation, graphic design, digital marketing consulting, and social networking consulting. Search Engine Optimization Services including keyword analysis, SEO consulting, and internet marketing.


Better Living Through Design

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